A new year of traveling with Bellissima Art Escapes

Last year was beyond wonderful with trips to Savannah, Mexico City, and San Miguel de Allende and two workshops in Gig Harbor, with a side trip to Scotland and London for me. All the workshop leaders worked very hard to create wonderful experiences for our participants. Thank you Jeanne Oliver, Judy Wise, Katie Kendrick, Jane Davenport and Pam Nichols. New art tribes formed, friendships were renewed and lots of art was beautifully created.

This new year of offerings by Bellissima Art Escapes gives opportunities for you to gather with like-minded artists for workshops that will feed your creative soul. There will be good food, lots of laughter and friends who will stay in your life long after the trip is over.

Here is a recap if you are scheduling your trips for the year. We'd love to have you join us on any of the trips that still have openings.

Carla Sonheim and Lynn Whipple will be leading the Year of the Spark Continues in Oaxaca (trip is full).

Rust guru Pam Nichols will share her favorite scrapyard in Bend, OR where we will be picking treasures to use in encaustic painting. (full)

The uber talented team of Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick will guide Free Spirits in Amsterdam as we explore Rembrandt, Van Gogh, the canals and foods of Amsterdam. (two spots open).

Leighanna Light will be teaching assemblages using metal in Gig Harbor in June. 

Pam Nichols will be teaching another Dyeing To Rust class in Gig Harbor. (4 spots available)

Integrative Portraits with Katie Kendrick and Orly Avineri is planned for Bainbridge Island. (full)

Judy will be teaching another Indigo class in Gig Harbor in August. 

We will be Painting Big with Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick in Spain. (full)

The fun continues with Katie and Judy as we Journal with a Circle of Friends in Catalonia, Spain (1 spot available)

Textures of Oaxaca will inspire Lisa Pressman and students as they engage in mark making and painting with pigment sticks, cold wax and paper.  (There's room!)

We will end the year with what will be an epic trip--Day of the Dead with Daniella Woolf  as we honor relatives and friends in what will be very special projects. 

The Encaustic Minimalist with Daniella Woolf

The Encaustic Minimalist with Daniella Woolf

Meet Pilar Cabrera, Our Chef in Oaxaca

Meet Pilar Cabrera, Our Chef in Oaxaca