Art with a Conscience

Protecting our environment, whether here or around the world, has been a central theme in my lifetime.  I remember the very first Earth Day and how our principal, Mr. Dorothy at Finn Hill Jr. High, sent students out into the nearby paths and streets to pick up trash. As the decades progressed and societies grew, the ozone layer, ocean pollution, endangered lists, carbon footprints, waste reduction, over population and concern for the quality of our air, soil and water continued to be addressed, sometimes with success but mostly met with resistance between business, government and local politics. Then the big one, global warming. A political and ethical hot button. Yes, I believe the scientists, how can you not?

Watching the continual battle between governments and their big business supporters to admit their efforts in depleting Earth's resources and how to combat those effects so that we leave Earth in good shape for future generations is like riding a roller coaster. First there is recognition, collaboration and compromise, then total denial. There is proof and scientists have shown us repeatedly. Corruption, politics and money. The only victor in this battle has to be Mother Earth. She must win for the good of everything and everyone who exists on this fragile planet.

There are repercussions, some globally and others personally. My son informed me on a recent visit with him not to get too excited about having grandchildren because we have passed the carbon threshold where there is no turning back. Really? How could I have known when I walked in the first Earth Day that years later the condition of the world's environment would have an effect on my son and his fiancee's decision to have a child. 

So you can imagine that when I heard Scott Pruitt was going to be nominated to head the EPA, I did my homework, saw his record, who he represented, and how many times he had filed lawsuits against the very agency he wants to now head. I had an immediate visceral reaction. My gut reaction was to go into the garage, haul out the five drawers that have been sitting on the table waiting for inspiration and create in an emotional frenzy. 

Global warming, it's real. 

Art with a conscience.

The five pieces below used vintage papers or papers that I dyed or rusted, assemblage ephemera and encaustic wax (bees are now on the endangered list). I hope that they speak to you. 


Earth Weeps for Us


Digging Out Will Not Be Easy


You Hold The Key To Change

Fractured Earth


She Hears the Winds of Change

Bemis Spring Art Show and Workshops

Bemis Spring Art Show and Workshops

Painting with Gillian Lee Smith

Painting with Gillian Lee Smith