Is it August yet?

Geoffrey Gorman continues posting his fantastic creatures making it even harder to wait for his workshop in Gig Harbor this August. My friend, Katie O'Sullivan took his workshop earlier and filled my head of the experience while we were in Amsterdam together for Creating Emotional Portraits with Gillian Lee Smith



I am so excited for the ten other artists who will be joining us. I have been stopping at least once or sometimes twice a week at the local bike shop where they have been saving the tires and inner tubes for me that they normally throw away. I showed them some of the creatures that Geoffrey has created using the tires and tubes and they thought they were "cool" and love the idea of sharing them with us instead of everything ending up in the landfill. I think I am going to invite them over for a beer toward the end of the workshop so that they can see what we create. 

File Jul 20, 3 21 47 PM.jpeg

Tomorrow I am going walking in the woods with a friend and fellow artist to pick up sticks and I have already started combing through my collection of "stuff" putting things aside and fueling my imagination as I picked. I even set a few things aside for my friends who are coming. Hands off the rusty bits, girls. You'll have to bring your own!

I've already collected some foundry pieces that I think will make great bases for our animals and am sharing those as well. 

I adore this fox!


The foam has been ordered and now I just have to figure out where to stash it until August. Thirteen boxes are going to require some real estate. 

You can be assured that I will be posting along the way during this 5-day workshop. 

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