Javier Marín's Incredible "Spikes of Bronze" Sculptures

Javier Marín's Incredible "Spikes of Bronze" Sculptures

Internationally acclaimed artist Javier Marín's "spikes of bronze" that are left exposed to show how the paths of molten metal flows into his cast figures left me gasping when I toured his studio on line. The enormity of the pieces were just breathtaking. I am so in awe of his talent.

Marín was born in Uruapan, Michoacan and today lives and works in Mexico City. Over the last 30 years Marín has developed an impressive career, holding over 70 solo exhibitions and more than 200 collective shows in Mexico, the USA, Canada, and several countries in South America, Asia and Europe. His artwork can be found in public collections such as the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Marín’s artworks reflect his remarkable knowledge of the human form garnered from years of drawing directly from the figure. He began sculpting exclusively in clay, later moving to bronze. In recent years the artist has embraced innovative methods such as combining polyester resin with organic materials such as seeds, tobacco, soil or dried meat fibers. (Lady Gaga, you were not the first to incorporate meat into your art!)

When I looked to see who represents him in the United States (J. Johnson Gallery), the other artists named include Mikhail Baryshnikov for his photography, Robert Mapplethorpe and Pablo Picasso. Wow, great names to be associated with......

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