What Will They Say About You?

Does anyone really know you or do they know only parts of you? What will people say about you after you are gone? Daniella Woolf has thought about it and has actually commemorated loved ones in very unique ways, by creating totems or projects specifically reflecting a certain quality or habit of a loved one. 

She has used family artifacts to create art pieces and installations. Some things she has made as memory keepers include:

  • Just Checking – an installation using her mom’s bank checks
  • A necklace of her mother’s shredded credit cards
  • Core Sample – a 13 foot column composed of 2” squares of her mom’s bank statements and checks
  • Her mother’s sewn recipe cards

These projects makes my mind fill with potential projects, not only about people who have passed but things I want people to remember about me. Can I make a totem with just chocolate?

This project really intrigues me - take your favorite book or a book of poems and then excavating a book to incorporate the words. I see this as a present you can give now, but also one that would commemorate a wordsmith, writer or a child. Especially for a child, it would reflect a favorite book and when looked upon would enable the viewer to look at it with fondness and not sadness. 

And definitely using my recipes. That would reflect a lot of who I am. The challenge would be to make it into a visual project like the one Daniella made. Not everyone has recipe cards lying around anymore. Grandmothers, certainly, but today they are on our computers and in my case, in notebooks. 

Daniella is an incredible artist and she has such great ideas for this workshop. I am so excited and can't wait to create with her in Oaxaca. She is such an exceptional teacher and to listen and watch her mind in action will be worth the price of admission. 

What will people say about you? 

Join us in Oaxaca for this exceptional opportunity to create with Daniella. 


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